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Floover…is a vinyl flooring with a difference

Floover flooring is state of the art luxury vinyl tile made in Switzerland for both commercial and residential use.

There is a solution for every need. Floover floors can be installed in different areas – shops, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, hotels, spas, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms and balconies. Just choose the range and the colour that best suits your needs.

Floover’s range is available in Floover splash H20, Floover Splash H20 light and Floover woven vinyl.
All are 100% waterproof.

The Floover splash H20 and Floover splash H20 light are made up of 4 layers. The final layer,which is the most important in the product, is a composition of rigid high density pvc, produced by extrusion and 100%waterproof. The Floover splash H2O has a layer of 6.5mm rigid pvc, whereas the Floover splash H2O light has a thinner layer at 5mm.

The Floover woven is a woven vinyl exclusive. The feeling of textile is unmistakable,practically organic but the flooring nevertheless has all the advantages of vinyl: wear-resistant,easy to handle compared to textile flooring and simple to install. This range also has the same rigid composition for the backing.

If you are looking for a unique floor for outdoor, look at the Hortus Woven range. It is a woven vinyl fabric in attractive colours, especially designed for outdoor use. It is easy to maintainand resistant to water,heat and UV rays.

Why use Floover ?

10 REASONS why Floover Flooring is your perfect floor:

1. 100% waterproof.
2. State of the art vinyl flooring
3. Resistant
4. Noise Reduction
5. Tailor made solutions
6. Spectacular designs
7. Technically advance clic system
8. Flexible and comfortable
9. Endless Combinations for its multiple designs
10. Waterproof rigid backing
11. Production/recycled materials

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