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Woven Vinyl 2tec2

2tec2 woven vinyl, . . . walk on the wild side

This concept is made of PVC yarns & reinforced with fiberglass and finished with a PVC backing. Technical textile, innovative, durable, decorative and stain resistant. For both high traffic contract commercial and residential use, even in humid areas.  Composition; 80% PVC, 20% fiberglass. Can be customised into area rugs as well.

2tec2 – Woven VINYL – the woven high tech floor covering

2tec2 flooring enhances the quality and value of any commercial or residential project including offices, retail, hotel, restaurants, wellness and residential venues. The innovative weaving techniques and luxurious yet low-maintenance materials used in this ultra-stylish floor covering offer exceptional design and performance.

2tec2 is an exciting new collection and is a high-tech woven vinyl floor covering, which has been achieved by traditionally weaving high quality, recyclable vinyl and fiberglass. 2tec2 is available in 2 metre wide rolls and 50x50cm tiles and different structure and colours. This highly durable and versatile woven vinyl can be made into custom sized fabric bordered rugs. It can be used indoors, outdoors, residentially or commercially in dry and wet areas. Its high resistance to wear and tear makes this flooring perfect for any flooring situation without sacrificing the aesthetic of luxury.

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